Psychosynthesis is a very humane, modern and practical school of psychology where the will of the individual plays a central role. With the help of psychosynthesis we can access the potential in us that often goes largely unrecognized and unused. Psychosythesis can help us identify our needs and goals and find a deeper meaning in our lives. When we know who we are and what we want, we can develop in accordance with our potential. Through therapy we can learn to understand ourselves better and see why we behave as we do.

You might have been feeling displeased with your life for some time now or have felt unwell without knowing why. This perhaps in spite of the fact that everything seems “alright”. You might feel quite well, but feel stuck and unable to move on in your life, want to deepen the understanding of yourself or learn how to control your life. You might be living in a relationship which is destructive, or might be facing difficult choices in life or have had a traumatic experience.
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You might have come across the prejudice or conception that “only the very sick people need therapy”. It is often the very opposite – the healthiest and most responsible people see a therapist. After all, what can be healthier than taking responsibility for ones life, improving ones relationships and working on ones personal growth?

I am looking forward to guiding you on your inner journey.